Jimmy Coates: Power
Joe Graig

Sixth action-packed adventure for Jimmy Coates - part boy, part weapon, totally deadly! Jimmy Coates seems like an ordinary boy, but he's not. He's genetically engineered to grow into the perfect government assassin. Speed, strength and deadly instinct - it's all in the blood. He has to fight not to kill, while his government fights to kill him. Jimmy's country is under attack. His body is poisoned. With time running out, he discovers what some people will do for power - and what he must do to stop them...

'Totally excellent...A lit bit Bond, a lit bit Matrix and a lot of what you've never read before.' - Flipside
Alice, from Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School, Barnet

Jimmy Coates is a young boy who has been genetically engineered to become a perfect government assassin. This book takes you through a wild journey with Jimmy on his wild ride to keep his identity secret and, for a start, get away from the police! The government have made a series of lies about the French which supposedly caused England to come under attack.


Jimmy Coates is also trying to find out more about his father, Ian Coates. Through this book you are introduced to new people. They tell you some of their story, which can make this book confusing at times. I have really enjoyed this book, even though I am not fond of action stories; I found Jimmy Coates a very descriptive and intriguing book to read. I would recommend this book, but it is more of a boys’ book than an ideal girls’ book.


Katie, from St James Catholic High School

Joe Craig’s novel Jimmy Coates: Power is a about a boy called Jimmy who is only 38 percent human. Jimmy is a victim of an increasingly authoritarian government who turned him into an assassin by machine grafts.


This book is one of six, I have not read the other 5 books but it is okay as the book made me feel that I did not necessarily need to read the others.


At the moment I have not finished the book but it is so good, it won’t be long before I do.


I would recommend this book for 8 to 12 or 13 year olds and for people who like action books. It is a good read.

Khalil, from University College School London

Jimmy Coates: Power is an action- packed thriller that was an enjoyable read. The main characters are young boys and girls who unusually are part robot and have assassin super powers that can be used for the benefit of their country and to defend themselves. When a bad happening occurs that is wrongly blamed on France, that would give England an alibi to go to war, the issue is resolved peacefully, with the efforts of Jimmy Coates.  The British Prime Minister has various attempts made on his life by Zaffi who is a French female equivalent of Jimmy assigned to kill the British PM by the French.


Throughout the book Jimmy Coates has a hard time to keep alive when he is ‘on the run’ from the British Secret Service and also Mitchell who has similar superpowers to Jimmy who is also out to kill him.  Eva is a British girl who is also part robot with extraordinary superpowers like Jimmy and wants to help him but cannot risk getting in trouble with the British Government so she watches from the sidelines and hopes that Jimmy can survive without her help.


Jimmy manages to escape from challenging death situations many times a week, when his whereabouts are known that keeps him always ‘on edge’ and ‘on guard’ not knowing who he can trust, and who will betray him.


Jimmy tries many times to protect the Prime Minister and puts his own life in danger as a result, as well as having to battle radiation poisoning that is slowly killing him… 


The book could have been more enjoyable if there had not been two boring chapters in the middle of the book with Jimmy sitting talking to an evil genius friend in a car that could have been written in two pages, which is the only criticism I would make about the writing style of the book. The story was written in an easy-to-read format that was good.


I thought the story was believable, and the reader is made to feel empathy towards Jimmy, as they realise that his life can never be normal.  Jimmy Coates will always live in fear of being ambushed before he can defend himself. I liked the reality that Jimmy has a heart and he does not always kill the people he is assigned to, because he still has human feelings.


Jimmy Coates: Power enables your mind to transport to a new dimension where danger lurks on every corner. This captivating book will keep readers guessing till the end if Jimmy’s speed, strength and deadly instinct are enough to help him survive to face another assignment, despite the radiation poisoning that is slowly killing him.

Rosie, from Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School, Barnet

Jimmy Coates is generally an ordinary boy. But he has been engineered to make him a powerful superhero. Half of his blood is supernatural. In the book it mentions that by the time he is 19, the supernatural blood that he has will take over his human blood and nothing will be the same again! Britain is under attack, Jimmy to the rescue!


Jimmy is on a mission to find his Dad, Ian Coates, and also he is trying to tell Britain that the French did not attack Britain - the government totally bluffed this! I really enjoyed the book, but I found that this genre would have probably suited boys better!


Samantha, from St James Catholic High School

‘Power’ is exactly the right title for the sixth Jimmy Coates adventure, because this book had a certain power over me.


From the spine-tingling opening, where we find Jimmy trying to spread the truth about the government, through what is very exciting action, this is one of the best sequences in a book that I have ever seen. This book will have you gripped, with the most immense cycles imaginable.


With each passing adventure from the pen of Joe Craig, I find myself asking just how he can top it in his next book, yet he always does. Jimmy Coates: Power, however, will take some beating.