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Apple and Rain
Sarah Crossan
When Apple's mother returns after eleven years of absence, Apple feels whole again. She will have an answer to her burning question - why did you go? And she will have someone...
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Infinite Sky
C. J. Flood
A truly beautiful book about the summer that changed one girl's life - one in which her mum leaves home, travellers set up camp in the family's field, her older brother goes off...
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Out of the Easy
Ruta Sepetys
Josie Moraine wants out of The Big Easy - she needs more than New Orleans can offer. Known locally as a brothel prostitute's daughter, she dreams of life at an elite college,...
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Candy Gourlay
Rosa suffers from a rare condition that renders her mute. She lives on the strange island of Mirasol where the rain never seems to stop.

In the gloom of the island,...
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The Poison Boy
Fletcher Moss
Poison boy Dalton Fly, a lowly food taster to the rich, has a lucky escape after drinking laced wine. But his mate is less fortunate, and Dalton wants answers. Who murdered his...
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Valentine Joe
Rebecca Stevens
Rose's granddad takes her on a trip to Ypres, Belgium to visit the graves of those who died in the Great War. It's the day before Valentine's, but Rose can sense the shattered...
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In Bloom
Matthew Crow
Francis Wootton's first memory is of Kurt Cobain's death, and there have since been other hardships much closer to home. At fifteen years old he already knows all about loss and...
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Lockwood & Co
Jonathan Stroud
When the dead come back to haunt the living, Lockwood & Co step in...
For more than fifty years, the country has been affected by a horrifying epidemic of ghosts. A number...
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Noble Conflict
Malorie Blackman
Years after a violent war destroyed much of the world, Kaspar has grown up in a society based on peace and harmony. But beyond the city walls, a vicious band of rebels is...
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S F Said
Lucky thinks he's an ordinary Human boy. But one night, he dreams that the stars are singing - and wakes...
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Rose Under Fire
Elizabeth Wein
Rose Justice is a young American ATA pilot, delivering planes and taxiing pilots for the RAF in the UK during the summer of 1944. A budding poet who feels most alive while...
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Russian Roulette
Anthony Horowitz
An international contract killer has been given his orders. His next target is a fourteen-year-old spy ... Alex Rider. The man's name is Yassen Gregorovich. He knows Alex well....
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"Duty Calls": Battle of Britain
James Holland
Pilot officer Archie Jackson, 19, is in control of the RAF's newest fighter aircraft, a Supermarine Spitfire. Now he has the Luftwaffe in his sights and only one thing matters:...
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A World between Us
Lydia Syson
Spain, 1936. Felix, a spirited young nurse, has travelled to Spain to help the cause of the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. But she is also following Nat, a passionate...
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Code Name 'Verity'
Elizabeth Wein
Two young women become unlikely best friends during WWII, until one is captured by the Gestapo. Only in wartime could a stalwart lass from Manchester rub shoulders with a...
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Department 19
Will Hill
When Jamie Carpenter's mother is kidnapped by strange creatures, he finds himself dragged into Department 19, the government's most secret agency.
Fortunately for Jamie,...
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The Glass Collector
Ana Perera
Fifteen-year-old Aaron lives amongst the rubbish piles in the slums of Cairo. His job is to collect broken glass. His life is wasted. His hope is to find a future he can believe...
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The Weight of Water
Sarah Crossan
Armed with a suitcase and an old laundry bag filled with clothes, Kasienka and her mother head for England. Life is lonely for Kasienka. At home her mother's heart is breaking...
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A Beautiful Lie
Irfan Master
An extraordinarily rich debut novel, set in India in 1947 at the time of Partition. Although the backdrop is this key event in Indian history, the novel is even more...
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A Bracelet of Bones
Kevin Crossley-Holland
It is 1036. Halfdan is a Viking mercenary who is determined to travel to Constantinople and become one of the Viking Guard serving Empress Zoe. He promises to take his daughter,...
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Being Billy
Phil Earle
Eight years in a care home makes Billy Finn a professional lifer. And Billy's angry - with the system, the social workers, and the mother that gave him away. As far as Billy's...
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Long Lankin
Lindsey Barraclough
When Cora and her little sister Mimi are sent to stay with their elderly aunt in the isolated village of Bryers Guerdon, they receive a less than warm welcome, and are desperate...
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Operation Mincemeat
Ben Macintyre
Operation Mincemeat was the most successful wartime deception ever attempted, and certainly the strangest. It hoodwinked the Nazi espionage chiefs, sent German troops hurtling...
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HM Castor
VIII is the story of Hal: a young, handsome, gifted warrior, who believes he has been chosen to lead his people. But he is plagued by the ghosts of his family's violent past...
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Sharon Dogar
Peter van Pels and his family are locked away with the Franks, and Peter sees it all differently. What is it like to be forced into hiding with Anne Frank, to hate her and then...
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Lucy Christopher
Lucy Christopher explores the remarkable bond between a young girl, a boy and a damaged wild bird - a relationship that will touch everyone who reads it. While visiting her...
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Man of the Match
Dan Freedman
Jamie Johnson starts the season on fire. He's playing for his beloved Hawkstone - and he's the top scorer in the country. But when a rival from an Italian club joins his team,...
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Jon Mayhew
The sister is a knife-thrower in a magician's stage act, the brother an undertaker's assistant. Neither orphan knows of the other's existence. Until, that is, three terrible...
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Out of Shadows
Jason Wallace
'If I stood you in front of a man, pressed a gun into your palm and told you to squeeze the trigger, would you do it?' 'No, sir, no way!' 'What if I then told you we'd gone back...
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Andy Mulligan
Raphael is a dumpsite boy. He spends his days wading through mountains of steaming trash, sifting it, sorting it, breathing it, sleeping next to it. Then one unlucky-lucky day,...
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Paul Dowswell
Polish orphan Peter is 'Volksdeutscher' (of German blood), and looks the Aryan ideal with his blond hair and blue eyes. He is sent to Berlin, where he is invited to live with...
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Devil's Kiss
Sarwat Chadda
Fifteen-year-old Billi SanGreal never meant to make history. Dragged at the age of ten into the modern-day Knights Templar by her father, the Grandmaster, Billi's the first girl...
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Guantanamo Boy
Anna Perera
Khalid, a fifteen-year-old Muslim boy from Rochdale, is abducted from Pakistan while on holiday with his family. He is taken to Guantanamo Bay and held without charge, where his...
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Jimmy Coates: Power
Joe Graig
Sixth action-packed adventure for Jimmy Coates - part boy, part weapon, totally deadly! Jimmy Coates seems like an ordinary boy, but he's not. He's genetically engineered to...
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Running on the Cracks
Julia Donaldson
This is a runaway thriller for Jacqueline Wilson fans, by the author of The Gruffalo. 14-year-old Leo runs away from her aunt and uncle's home, where she has been living since...
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The Midnight Charter
David Whitley
In the city of Agora, anything can be bought and sold. Even children are possessions until their twelfth birthday. Mark has been sold by his father, and Lily, an orphan from...
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The Undrowned Child
Michelle Lovric
It's the beginning of the 20th century; the age of scientific progress. But for Venice the future looks bleak. A conference of scientists assembles to address the problems,...
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Julia Golding
Princess Taoshira is appalled when she is ordered to marry Prince Ramil ac Burinholt in order to unite their lands. And Ramil's not too pleased either. They loathe each other on...
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Jackdaw Summer
David Almond
Every summer Liam and Max roam the wild countryside of Northumberland; but this year things are different. One hot summer's day a jackdaw leads the two boys into an ancient...
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Kiss of Death
Marcus Sedgwick
18th-century Venice, with its lapping waterways and dark, twisting alleyways, provides a backdrop for Sedgwick's tense and gripping gothic vampire novel, which sets out Sorrel's...
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The Resistance
Gemma Malley
The year is 2140. Peter and Anna are now living on the Outside as 'Legals'. As an agent in the Underground, Peter is given the task of infiltrating Pincent Pharma Corporation...
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Young Bond - By Royal Command
Charlie Higson
Following a treacherous rescue mission high in the freezing Alps, James Bond is preparing for life back at Eton. But James is under surveillance; his every move is being...
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Young Samurai - The Way of the Warrior
Chris Bradford
August 1611. Jack Fletcher is shipwrecked off the coast of Japan. His beloved father and the crew lie slaughtered by ninja pirates. Rescued by the legendary sword master...
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Blood Red Snow White
Marcus Sedgwick
The time for princes and Tsars and holy madmen was gone. In its place came a world of war and revolution, tanks and telephones, murder and assassination. Beyond the vast plains,...
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Elizabeth Laird
Almost a thousand years ago, a storm swept through Europe. Preachers travelled through every land, stirring the people up to leave their farms, cottages and castles, and embark...
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Here Lies Arthur
Phillip Reeve
It's Britain AD500. Arthur fights giants, rescues maidens and tricks the Devil with his words ? or so they say. Gwyna is overwhelmed. She's only a slave-girl and he is a king....
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Skulduggery Pleasant
Derek Landy
Stephanie's uncle Gordon wrote horror fiction. At least that's what Stephanie thought, until he died and left her his estate. Then she discovered that though his books may have...
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The Bower Bird
Ann Kelley
Gussie is twelve years old, loves animals and wants to be a photographer when she grows up. The only problem is that she's unlikely to ever grow up. Gussie needs a heart and...
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The Declaration
Gemma Malley
Anna hides her secret diary away each night because she doesn't want to get into trouble for breaking the rules. Life in Grange Hall is governed by rules, rules that have to be...
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The Red Necklace
Sally Gardner
Paris 1789. While the aristocracy dine, dance, gossip and gamble their way to disaster, the poor and starving dream of revolution.

Enter the boy Yann Margoza,...
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What I Was
Meg Rosoff
The year is 1962. The recalcitrant hero had been kicked out of two boarding schools and the last thing he wanted was to be here on the East Anglian coast in a third. But without...
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